M' (Hex 00) is a Glitch Pokemon from Pokemon: Red and Blue. It is nicknamed "Cousin of Missingno.". Indeed, it is usually found in the same manner that Missingno is. It mainly appears through the Old Man trick. If the player has an odd number of letters in their name, 'M can appear at Level 80.


'M can be found through the Old Man Glitch. 'M will always appear at level 0 if the player didn't choose a pre made name. It will also appear at level 80 if the player's name has an odd amount of symbols.

If a level 0 'M is sent to the PC, the game will crash if the player tries to take it out. If there is an empty space in the player's party and 'M gets leveled up to level 1 or higher, it is safe to deposit it.

  • The Old Man trick
  • The Mew glitch (Special stat of 0)
  • and by a GameShark. - it looks just like Missingno.!

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Nicknames for 'M[]

'M, being one of the most famous glitch pokemon and having no official Nintendo-sanctioned name, is sometimes refered to by other names. It is often also mistakenly referred to as Missingno., due to it's similar appearance. However, Missingno. is a completely different glitch Pokemon.

Other names it is called by include:

  • Missinglingo
  • M Block
  • Mysterio


Why is 'M called... 'M?[]

When you encounter 'M, the "M" and the apostrophe are the only characters that are recognizable. All the rest are either glitchy blocks and Japanese characters.


Starting at Level 0, 'M can evolve into Kangaskhan, meaning it can evolve at any level. It can also evolve into Clefairy at Level 128.

Differences from Missingno.[]

Also like Missingno., 'M is often of the type Bird/Normal, knows Sky Attack and two Water Guns, has the Pokedex number #000, and is found through the same glitches as Missingno is. However, it is not the same Pokémon. 'M and the different versions of Missingno are located in different memory slots. Missingno. has 39 different index numbers, while 'M's only index number is 00. 'M also has a different cry (An altered cry of a Zapdos). 'M, when caught, will continue the battle as if it wasn't. Catching it a second time will yield a Ditto.

Glitches caused[]

Encountering 'M, Missingno., and other glitch Pokémon often causes many glitches, such as:

  • Trainer and Pokémon graphics during battle are corrupted or inverted (Which can be fixed by viewing the stats or Pokedex entry of any non glitch Pokemon)
  • the Hall of Fame data is extremely glitched (changes in screen color, music, and game speed have been known to occur alongside the obvious unidentifiable pixelations substituting for where your Pokémon were).
  • the Pokémon games' infamous item duplication bug, which adds 128 of the sixth item in the player's inventory, if the player already has less than 128 of that sixth item.
  • can somtimes scramble the players id card picture