3TrainerPoké is a glitch in Pokemon Yellow. It is the Yellow version of 'M from Red and Blue.

Basic information Edit

3TrainerPoké is the Pokémon Yellow version equivalent of 'M, and can only be obtained by trading an 'M from the Red/Blue versions to the Yellow version.

Further information Edit

  • Its attacks are Bubblebeam, Poison Sting, and Comet Punch. At level 1, it learns Waterfall, Waterfall (again), Comet Punch, and Vicegrip.
  • Like 'M, 3TrainerPoké glitches the game in various ways, can evolve into a Kangaskhan or Rhydon, changes level and stats seemingly at random, and occupies slot 0 in the memory. This is why trading an 'M to Pokémon Yellow will result in a 3TrainerPoké. Also, 3TrainerPoké is seen as #176 when its stats are viewed.

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