A is a Glitch Pokemon in Pokémon Red and Blue. (Note: Due to the nature of the name, the Pokemon's name will be italicized in the rest of the article.)

Obtaining A[]

A is obtained by using the Mew trick. You also must have a Pokemon with a Special stat of 191.


For the most part, A is very similar to other glitch pokemon. If As level 42 or 13, the game may unexpectedly freeze at random times. Next, A will naturally learn/try to learn unusual glitch moves, some of which will crash the game if you choose "Yes" and let A learn them. It is also one of the few glitch pokemon that can learn the move "Cooltrainer".

Since the player needs to press the A button or B button several times in order to see A (the letters are displaced), it is recommended that the player renames A its Yellow version equivalent is "44Hy".

A's number in the Pokédex is #061, which is the same number as Poliwhirl. This is because a is a hybrid of Poliwhirl.

Other Effects[]

  • Causes graphical glitches when stats are viewed. However, the graphics will go back to normal if a regular, non-glitch Pokémon's stats are viewed.
  • When encountered, the game writes to the save file.
  • Hall of Fame data is overwritten with garbage, even if you do not save the game.
  • Reverts to Rhydon when Pokedex entry is viewed after catching it.
  • In-battle front image varies from battle to battle.
  • If Move Zero is in the first move slot, other moves will not be visible.