Description Edit

This is a glitch in Super Mario 64 that allows you to beat Koopa the Quick in 0 seconds. You will need to unlock the wing cap for this glitch.

How ToEdit

First, go to Bob-Omb Battlefield. Go to the corner next to the slanted bridge and get the wing cap. After that, here comes a hard step step and it may take a few tries. You have to run and do the third jump of the triple jump as close as you can to Koopa the Quick WITHOUT talking to him. Now that you are in the air, land inside the nearest cannon. Make sure that you do not land on the ground, or he will talk to you and ruin the glitch. Now shoot yourself to the highest cannon (either the one on the island or the one closest to the top of the mountain will work). Once again, make sure you landed in the cannon and not on the floor or this glitch will not work! Now shoot yourself to the top of the mountain, and grab the flag. Slide down, and Koopa the Quick should now talk to you like normal except the fact you are already at the goal. You have now beaten Koopa the Quick in 0 seconds. Koopa the Quick will not arrive even if you wait several minutes. If you go back down to where he was, you find that he bit the dust. He is gone, but if you walk in the area where he was, an invisible force field keeps you back, as if KTQ was still there.

Credit Edit

This glitch was found by David Wonn, or possibly someone before him.