This is a list of all the glitches in Super Mario 64 DS

              Fighting Computer in Communication Battle

So basicly you fight the computer when you and your friends little communication battle.So this is the directions:


1.Make sure you or your friend has an AR (Action Replay) inserted in their DS.

2.The one that has the Action Replay has to have Super Mario 64 DS inserted in the Action Replay.

3.If you know how to do the communication thing,skip this step,but if you dont stay tuned on this step.So this is how you do the communication thing.First the person with the action replay turn it on go to Super Mario 64 DS,go to where it says "DS" or somthin.Now the other person turns on there DS and goes to "DS Download Play" then put both of you DS's next to each other.Now the person WTHOUT the AR waits until they see Super Mario 64 DS comes.Now it loads.

4.OK now go to any location than player 1 swallows player 2 then player 1 will release it and now you're battling the computer now(which the diffuculty is Very Easy since it does nothing)This also works for New!Super Mario Bros.

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