This is quite a cool glitch to find in Crash Brandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Although there is a chance of file corruption, it's still quite cool dispite the possible consequences.

What do I do? Edit

To do this, go into level 2: Snow Go. Near the end of the level, go to where you have to jump onto a metal bouncy box that makes you go up a high ledge. Instead of going onto the ledge, keep boucning on the box for about 4 minutes. Sorry folks, that's how the glitch works!

After 4 minutes, jump up and land on the seal, killing it. Now press triangle to see what you get. It's usually a gem. But wait - if you get a gem and there's only supposed to be one gem to collect, that's 2/1 gems! That means on 100% completion, your gems will be 43/42! One extra!

After seeing what you got, make your way to the end complete the the level. In the main room ( the warp room with the entrances to all of that floor's levels ) you will be rewarded with whatever you got.

Beware! Edit

There is a possible risk of file corruption - that is a major concern. This glitch is best done at the start of a game, when you haven't got much to lose.

Credits and Acknowledgement Edit

  • Neoseeker for the info
  • YouTube for the video method of how to do the glitch.

Links Edit - YouTube video of how to do the glitch.

          Happy Glitchin' :)