In Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, the maximum number if lives you can get is 99. But you can get more than that if you try out this little glitch...

What to do Edit

To do this glitch, first you'll need to get 99 lives. This is quite easy to do if you just replay levels over and over again. Once you get 99 lives, enter a level and get another life. When the life icon ( which is Crash Bandicoot's face ) is moving towards the 99 lives, press START and exit the level. From here press triangle to see your stats and you should see that you have 100 lives. But be careful - if you let yourself get a life, it will go back to 99!

Keeping the lives Edit

In order to keep the 100+ lives, don't let anymore life icons reach your life total. This will cause the game to go back to 99 lives. If you're collecting a life ( wether from collecting 100 wumpa fruit, collecting a life icon, a bonus item or smashing a life box ), don't let the icon reach the life total. Just press START and exit the level. Then you'll have 100 lives. You can keep doing this to get more lives.

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

A lot of help went to for posting this glitch. Myself for trying out this glitch and confirming it.

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Happy glitchin' :P