This glitch is just like the Crash Bandicoot 2 one, using the same technique but one a different level. Read on for more...

How do I do this glitch? Edit

  • To do this glitch, go to Level 21, which is Gone Tomorrow, the second futuristic level you go to.
  • Now work your way to where there is a metal bouncy box with that spiky armoured enemy on the ledge above. Jump on the bouncy metal box and keep bouncing for about 5 minutes. Just read a book while you're waiting, it's not a race.
  • When the enemy de-spikes itself after the 5 minutes are up, land on the enemy to kill it. Now work your way to the end of the level with out losing a life from here.
  • When you finish the level and return to the warp room, you'll be rewarded with a gem. When I did this, I get a gem but it didn't mean the gem I needed was no longer. In other words, I need a gem, but when I got this " glitched " gem, it didn't count towards the gem I needed.

Well done! You have done the glitch! Note that you can only do this glitch on a level that has a bouncy box and an enemy on a ledge high above the box. You can do this glitch on any level with this, but Gone Tomorrow is the only level I have found so far that lets you do this glitch.

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

  • Neoseeker for the info.
  • Some people on YouTube have mentioned this glitch to me.

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                      Happy glitchin' :)