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This is an odd glitch in Super Smash Bros. Meele (duh)but it is rather tricky to do. Get 3 friends together and 4 controllers. Play a Team Vs Meele. Have P1 as Ness, P2 as Falco, P3 as Fox, and P4 as Peach(Ness & Falco on same team) on Hyrule Temple (It might be a good idea to put Superscope item drop rate on very high and turn off all other items, if you know what I mean.). This is where the fun starts. Now, have Falco on the left near the cave bit of the level and have Fox on the right. With me so far? Now put Ness and Peach on the pass through platform. Oh yes, Ness must have a Superscope. The guy controlling Ness should press A 5 times, Then do 2 Charge Shots. then Peach should punch Ness (non-smash, please)this is the unlimited ammo cheat. Ness now should go behind Falco while Fox does his down + B move. Now Ness should start to shoot the gun, but before Ness's bullets hit Falco, he does down + B as well. Empty out the gun's bullets. If blue circles appear, the trick worked (if the game freezes, dont worry. its normal. But if it stays for 5 mins, restart). If not, repeat. So... w00t you've done the hard bit! But there's more! Now, get Peach to stand under the beam and do her down + B move. *IMPORTANT* PEACH SHOULD ONLY THROW 19 TURNIPS INTO THE BEAM!!!! OR IT WILL NOT WORK! One Peach is done, Ness should push Falco off so the beam stops. Now Ness should do a few PK Fires (side + B) on the floating turnips(not too much, or the game will freeze). Thats it!

  • LATER EDIT* This is actually quite hard to do.The game freezes 9.9999999999.../10 and after you do it, you get a *thing* that gives u 999% dmg when u go to it. Is it really worth doing this glitch?

Why it works Edit

Erm... No idea. i think it does 999% dmg is because of all the attacks done on it.

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YouTube Joran & Thomas of WTF Entertainment for their movie at