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Glitch name Edit

Defeat the fire temple before defeating the forest temple.

Game Edit

The Legend of zelda: Ocarina of Time

System Edit

Game Cube or N64

What You Will Need Edit

- Master Sword

- Goron Tunic (you will find that during the glitch)

- At least 300 rupees

- Hylian Shield (which you should have gotten when you were child link)

How to Preform This Glitch Edit

- Talk to Saria (the first time you know that Saria is in the forest temple). Now instead of heading to Kokiri Forest, head over to Kakiriko Village.

- Notice how when you enter Kakiriko Village, there is this circle around the top of Death Mountain. Now Head over to Goron Village.

- Now no one is going to be there, but You will find a goron rolling around (I think he is on the 2nd or 3rd floor, I am not sure but it is easy to find him!)

- Now examine how the "ball" is roling (such as where he rolls).

- Now place the bomb on a plaace where he rolls over (you have to time it well).

- If done right, the ball will stop rolling and a baby goron will roll out (the ball is the goron). he will start talking to you. YOU MUST READ THIS, IT IS IMPORTANT! Oh yeah, he says (Your username on ocarina of time here) is his name, too! He will tell you why its like that (I dont know, but the people who created the game put that there, that just shows that they are random).

- Now, if he doesnt give you the goron tunic, head to the bottom floor and enter the shop (Itold you that you will need 300 rupees, you will need extra because after this temple, you will have to buy lots of stuff).

- Now head into the room where you found dariana (I think thats how you spell his name).

-Talk to Dariana. READ THIS, TOO! IT IS IMPORTANT! He will then tell you to pull the statue behind him.

-Pull the statue and enter the "room". Make sure that you have your Goron Tunic on.

- Notice that you are now in the volcano. Head over to the bridge and Sheik will appear and will teach you the beloro of fire. Walk around untill you fiind a place where you can enter and there should be a latter in there. climb up the ladder and WELCOME TO THE FIRE TEMPLE!

Is This a Glitch? Edit

I am not sure, it may be one, otherwise its a cheat!

Credit Edit