The status bar graphic STFOUCH displays an anguished face of shock and pain. During normal gameplay it is seen only rarely, and for a long time the face was considered an almost random occurrence.

  • However, when Doom's source code was released, it became apparent that the code that displayed the face was in error. The programmers had used a greater than (">") sign instead of a less than ("<") sign. The code should have displayed the face whenever the player underwent a damaging event which left him or her with twenty fewer hit points. As it was, the code only displayed the face when the player gained more than twenty hit points during a damaging event - a rare occurence, most commonly trigged by picking up a large health kit whilst being badly hurt.

There are several ways to see the OUCH face: Edit

  • One is to start a level with the player standing on a damaging floor sector.
  • Another way is to receive damage while simultaneously picking up a large health pickup (e.g. being hit by a rocket while

picking up a supercharge, or using the iddqd cheat code while on a damaging floor; see the E1M3 demo in shareware Doom

v1.666), resulting in a health which is far greater than it was before the series of events took place.

180px-Stfouch.png - a picture of the a normal game displaying OUCH FACE!