In the game Duck Hunt for NES, after you pass level 99, the game will reach a glitched level.

How to activate Edit

Beat level 99 and you will access level "0", which is a glitch level. It may be long and hard to get to this level, so don't try if you know you can't get there! If you somehow manage to beat this game (using cheat codes), you will return to level 1.

What happens?Edit

Here are some, but not all of the problems encountered in level 0.

  • The ducks move at an extremely fast speed, making it almost impossible to hit them.
  • The dog randomly laughs at you, making you lose a bird without doing a thing!
  • Unless you use a cheat code, you WILL get a game over.


  • raydempsey and his video on YouTube

LinksEdit - the video

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