One specific game series that has many game glithces is Pokemon.In red, blue, and yellow version, there is a special "glitch city" which is a jumble of information.There are also more dangerous glitches in modern pokemon.MissingNO (AKA Missing Number) is a special glitch creature that comes in five forms.It can be:

                             1.A Black ghost 
                             2.A blocky barcode with eyes         
                             3.A ? in a black circle        
                             4.A blocky white ??                   

MissingNO can be a range of levels from 0 to 150 (AMAZING!!).Bad eggs and Wild eggs are also MissingNO related glitches,and may hatch into a MissingNO.Bad eggs say you obtained them from a range of places,but the two most common things are:

                           1.Obtained in a trade       
                           2.Obtained in the "nice place"    

Nobody is exactly sure where the "nice place" is.

                Most of these glitches were caused by ARmax or