Description Edit

This is a simple glitch in Flash Flash Revolution. It creates a glitchy song with no title, no artist, no difficulty, no anything! The song itself is a very hard piano-type song. To perform this glitch, you will need a genre with at least 2 pages, with a "not availible" on the bottom right of the last page. Go up a page, to the second to last page, and select the song in the bottom right. ONLY CLICK IT ONCE, AND DO NOT START THE SONG! Go down a page, then click the first song in the second row. The previously selected song (the one from the previous page in the bottom right), will replace the "Not Availible". If you select it, you will get a blank stats section. Click again to start the song. Unless you are a master, you will lose quickly, but the percentage of record holder will say Infinity%!

NOTE: This has been removed in the new version of FFR. :(

Credit Edit

This glitch was discovered by Uberninja1337.