What type is Glitchy Charizard and what is it also known as?

Glitchy Charizard is a Fire/Flying Glitch Pokémon. It is also known as "Glitchy Symbols" because its name consists of only glitched boxes.

How can I get it?

Glitchy Charizard can only be found in the Pokemon Yellow Version by Method #3 of the Mew glitch using a Pokémon with a special stat of 199 instead. It is a made up Charizard and like Charizard, Glitchy Charizard is of Fire/Flying-type and its Pokédex number is #006. When players enter a battle with it, the game slows down.

How can Glitchy Charizard get obtained in Pokemon Red and Blue?

The only original way for a Red/Blue player is to have a Glitchy Charizard traded to them.

What is Glitchy Charizard's effective attacks when getting hit?

Glitchy Charizard is weak to: This Pokemon is resistant against:

Rock - x4 Grass - x1/4

Water - x2 Fighting - x1/2

Electric - x2 Bug - x1/4

Fire - x1/2

Unaffected by: Damaged normally by:

Ground - x0 Normal - x1

Flying - x1

Poison - x1

Ghost - x1

Psychic - x1

Dark - x1

Ice - x1

Dragon - x1

What can this Pokemon do?

The moves of Glitchy Charizard are:

Lv 1 -Scratch

The rest will be continued as soon as possible.

Is they any Gameshark Codes for Glitchy Charizard?

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Pokemon Red and Blue Gameshark Code:

Pokemon Yellow Gameshark Code:

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