The bigger the game, the more chance it'll have a glitch. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is HUGE, so here's a BIG glitch. Well, not quite, but man is it cool.

the start of the game ). Kill all 4 people inside. Now, enter the Jet-Pack code ( if you don't know it, go look it up). Go up to the door with the Jet-pack equipped. Now just fly up. Fly! You'll go through a hole in the ceiling. All around you is pitch black. Now start exploring. It'll be very hard and long, but many cool things can be found with enough patience!

What can I find in this " Glitch-Universe " ?[]

You can find many of the scattered weapons, such as the spade behind Ryder's house. You can ever see some pedestrians! And it's the only way to find the hidden tattoo parlour ( again, if you wish to find out more go to ...


Credits and Acknowledgements[]

  • The Duff Man on GameFAQS for his FAQ.
  • GameFAQS for hosting the guide and giving me info

Links[] - page where I saw the info. - where I got even more info on. - The Duff Man's hidden interior glitch FAQ.

                      Happy Glitchin' :p