The Kelptor Freeze, as it has been dubbed, is a glitch a Mario game.

Description Edit

NOTE: this glitch only works in the USA Version One (ASMEN0) of Super Mario 64 DS. It is also the easiest way to tell what version of the game you have if you live in the USA.

To do this glitch, go to Shifting Sand Land after star 1. Preferably as Yoshi, as he can get anyone's caps up front. Either use Yoshi and start with someone's cap, or get a cap as someone else. Now, go over to the oasis. This is easily done with the spring box at the beginning. Now, run over between the two pillars and grab the NON-BOUNCING cork box. Run over to Klepto, and stard PERFECTLY STILL. Otherwise this will not work. When he touches you, the game will freeze, accompanied by a loud, screeching noise.

Why it works Edit

It is currently unknown why this glitch works.

although, theory has it that the game had an undefined animation for this particular situation.

  1. Before the game crashes you can here the first sound bite of your cap being taken sound before the game freezes. (gives some evidence as to how the game could have crashed)
  2. No animation change seems to be present at the time of the game crash. (compared to the second release "ASMEN1" as that version has your character drop the box as your cap gets taken away by the klepto.

(in other words, the game developers must have forgotten to add in the dropping of the box animation while idle and so when klepto swoops down at you to steal your cap the box must prevent the game from taking your cap and so because it does not know what to do it abruptly crashes.)

Credit Edit

Found on a GameFAQs FAQ.