In Resident Evil 4, there is a " glitch "... this exaggeration indicating that this glitch may not be a glitch, but simply an odditie, quirk or simply a mistake.

The glitch Edit

  • In Resident Evil 4, the knife fight between Krauser and Leon ends with Ada shooting Krauser's knife away, where it punctures the ground.
  • Krauser escapes but leaves it behind, and Leon claims it. Later in their second battle, however, Krauser somehow got it back. Hmmm...

Is this a glitch? Edit

Well, it's quite hard to say... This is just simply a mistake at best... I mean, Krauser could have gotten another one from somewhere. This is not a true glitch, so I don't know why it's even here. But nonetheless, it's here and may be moved at later... uhh... times.

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

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