LM4, AKA Lord Moon the fourth, is a glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue. However, unlike other glitch pokemon, it is not known to freeze, corrupt, or otherwise severely damage the game.

How do I get... LM4?Edit

LM4 is a glitch pokemon found the Pokémon Red and Blue versions by completing Method #3 of the Mew glitch using a Pokémon with a special stat of 198. LM4 can also be obtained using the game-shark code 01C6D8CF, although excessive glitching with a game-shark my cause your game-shark to die

So how good is LM4? Edit

Find out for yourself...

  • Stats Lv.5: Atk 14, Def 16, Spd 13, Spc 13
  • Stats Lv.100: Atk 193, Def 225, Spd 165, Spc 175


  • Hypnosis
  • Water Gun
  • Doubleslap
  • Body Slam
  • TM05 (Lv.10)
  • Horn Attack (Lv.14)
  • TM09 (Lv.19)
  • Counter (Lv.21)
  • Quick Attack (Lv.25)
  • TM50 (Lv.27)
  • Aurora Beam (Lv.28)
  • Mega Punch (Lv.32)
  • Teleport (Lv.33)
  • Mega Kick (Lv.34)
  • Bind (Lv.40)
  • Hypnosis (Lv.42)
  • TM09 (Lv.43)
  • Glitch Move (Lv.55)
  • Glitch Move (Lv.56)
  • TM04 (Lv.59)
  • Waterfall (Lv.62)
  • Poisonpowder (Lv.68)
  • TM25 (Lv.77)
  • Thunderpunch (Lv.79)
  • Confusion (Lv.84)
  • Rolling Kick (Lv,85)
  • TM29 (Lv.87)
  • Pin Missile (Lv.95)
  • Recover (Lv.96)
  • Type: Water/Fighting
  • Yellow Equivalent: 7 g
  • Evolution: Clefairy at Lv.18 (This Clefairy will then instantly try to evolve into Nidoking)
  • LM4 can learn the following TMs and HMs: HM03, HM04, TM01, TM27, TM09, TM10, TM14, TM17, TM05, TM06, TM13, TM26, TM18, TM32, TM50
  • Unlike Glitch Pokémon such as Small u, .4 and h POKé, LM4 is not known to freeze player's games or corrupt saved data. - fighting an LM4

Credits and acknowledgementsEdit

  • Bulbapedia
  • Trsrockin
  • Glitch City Laboratories

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