In the gameboy game Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire there is a way you can wind up on top of an object which is not really supposed to have you on it.


First,go to Sky Pillar on route 131. You do not need to beat the Elite Four to get there. Be sure this is your second visit though. Go to the second floor of the place, and be sure that you brought your Mach bike. (The one that can go really fast so that you can traverse cracked floor before it collapses under you.) This part is tricky. On the fourth crumbling area (the first one on the right side), stay all the way to the right hand side (right next to the wall). Fall through the last hole there, and you will land on a rock.

Despite expectations, you actually do not need an escape rope or other item/ability to get yourself off the rock and escape Sky Pillar. Oddly, despite being on top of a game tile that normally blocks your movement, your character can walk off the rock without any trouble.