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Use Fierce Deity Link everywhereEdit

Works on ALL versions: PAL, NTSC USA & JAP, GCN

Go in the swamp and stay next to the bridge (under the photograph contest...), dive as link and turn to Zora link while you're under water. Now your B button should show "dive". Press B button and immediately the C button where the Zora mask is. Now your B button should be blank. Swim through the bridge and climb on it (remember that you must do the whole thing next to the bridge). DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTON OR THE GAME MAY FREEZE. Last thing: press start and swap Zora mask with Fierce Deity's mask, and wear it! Playing as Fierce Deity will bring even more glitchiness to the game, like climbing some walls. If you speak to a bomber, the game will freeze. In the stock Pot Inn you' ll get stuck, but you can leave using another glitch: start rolling between the right wall and the pot until you jump over the wall.

Fourth Day Glitch (Dawn Of A New Day)Edit

Works on all versions

During the night of the third day, go to the astral observatory, and when there are around 10 seconds to the game over, watch into the telescope. PRESS THE B BUTTON EXACTLY WHEN THE TIMER REACHES 00:00:01! If you do it correctly, music will back to normal, you will not be able to pause the game and the clock/timer at the bottom of the screen should disappear. Go out, and you'll see that the moon isn't threating the world anymore! You'll notice that the town is deserted. Now just wait until night or speak to a scarecrow and then you can pause the game again. Days will pass, (displaying "Dawn Of A New Day") and nothing will change. By the way, this glitch screws up all the logical system of the game, and there are some situations that will crash the game. Here are the situations that are crashing the game:

  1. Enter in the town shooting gallery
  2. Hitting and immediately checking a stone of truth
  3. Speaking to the mask salesman two times in a row
  4. Entering the photographer's at the swamp
  5. Talking to the major (only occures if you didn't stop the meeting before)

Dissapearing dogEdit

during the night of any day. wait for the screen to shrink, stay in south clock town. pick up the dog right before dawn strikes and when it does the dog will be gone. the rest of the game. unless you play the song of time.