Summary of ooof Edit

This glitch is a very hard to pull off glitch. The result is that Link will appear on the title screen when you boot up the game. You can walk around the title screen!

However, you can find horse grass and use it to call Epona. When you ride Epona, you can actually run through the area exit and into the empty space beyond, back into the mountains or under Hyrule Castle, etc. If you keep falling off the cliff until you get a game over, then choose continue, the game will restart at the horseback battle where you have to fight the Bulblins to save Collin. If you win this battle and the jousting match, then the cutscene from when you rescued Collin will replay, but for some reason, you'll be in the Twilight Realm.


So, now you are on the title screen! Even if the Legend of Zelda logo comes up, do not press A+B or Start, because it will still freeze the game. I just walked around, and woops, pressed a button. It's fun just to explore.

Better Explanation and video Edit

There is a way cooler version of this glitch, where you go back in time.(in the game of course!) It is very hard to pull off, but on Youtube, someone showed a video on how do to it. It's called LoZ: Back in Time glitch and LoZ: Back in Time glitch equipped! Check those out, they really show you how cool this is. Have fun!