Loading Zone Storage, or LZS, is a glitch in Paper Mario 64 in which the player can make Mario move after touching a loading zone, allowing for some useful skips and glitches.

How to performEdit

First of all, the player has to jump into the loading zone. To start LZS, the player has to jump on the exact frame that Mario touches the loading zone. To move during LZS, the player also has to input a movement on the exact frame of the jump. If Mario touches the ground for more than 1 frame, LZS ends and he loads to the next area.


Using LZS, the player can glitch out of bounds and skip parts of the game, such as Flower Fields. The player can get out of bounds by skewing the angle in which Mario enters the next area by manipulating the direction Mario is facing when he ends LZS. Many applications for LZS are explained on Stryder7x's YouTube channel. He is a Paper Mario glitch hunter, and he has found many uses for LZS.