'M2 CTTR glitches3D Pinball Space Cadet Glitch!
3TrainerPoké4 4 Hy999%
AAmberial: Falling ForeverAmberial: Stuck in the Wall
Animal Crossing(GameCube) Glitch: Bobber On Top of Roof!Backwards Long Jump TrickBeat Koopa the Quick in 0 Seconds
Below StormwindBig Bob-omb GlitchBlack box of death
Boing.Brain Dots Music GlitchBully: wierd water death glitch
Bully Go-Kart GlitchesCall of duty 4Carry a Goomba!
Cartridge tiltingCatsplosionCharizard 'M (Glitch Pokemon)
Completing Super Mario 64 with 16 starsCorpse Mario On Super Mario 64Corrupted Blood
Crash Bandicoot 2: Extra Items GlitchCrash Bandicoot 2: More than 100 livesCrash Bandicoot 3: Extra Items Glitch
Crash Nitro Kart: Falling in WAY below the death placeCrash Tag Team Racing Stunt Arena GlitchCrash twinsanity
Current eventsDK kill screenDaisy's Third Eye
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme's Hidden OniDark Hole Glitch in Super Smash Bros MeeleDark World
Dark World 2.0Dark World 3.0Dark World 4.0
Dark World 5.0Dark World 6.0Darkrai, Cresselia, Shaymin, and Arceus
Death by pause?Debug zones in sonic 3Defeat fire temple before the temple where you find saria
Disappearing LeiaDoom - (0,0) Respawn bugDoom - Armour Percent Rollover
Doom - Barrel SuicideDoom - Demo desyncing caused by bouncing Lost SoulsDoom - IDCLEV cheat flaw
Doom - Long wall errorDoom - Lost Souls charging backwardsDoom - Medusa Effect!
Doom - Monsters fleeingDoom - Monsters open locked doorsDoom - Noclip bug
Doom - Ouch Face!Doom - Player corpses walkingDoom - Silent BFG trick
Doom - Sleeping SergeantDoom - Spider paralysisDoom - Wallrunning
Doom II: Ghost MonsterDoom glitchesDragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors
Duck Hunt: Level 100 errorEnderdragon glich (no longer works)Exploitable glitch
Final Fantasy IX - Gold Chocobo bugFinal Fantasy VII- W-Item GlitchFlood Tall Tall Mountain
Flopside B1 GlitchFreeze game in Chaper 2-2Game Glitches
Gears of war GlitchGiga JigglypuffGlitch
Glitch AreaGlitch CityGlitch Format
Glitch PokemonGlitch SongGlitch Song II
Glitchy CharizardGlitchy LevelGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Hidden Interiors Glitch
Guitar hero 3 1,000,000H POKEHalo 3
Hanging under the bridgeHeadlessInstant 100-up
Jump through the stairs.....Kerbal Space Program KSC GlitchKhguiiusd uierwy8weutdiudfisauwe8q89 hfdfs
Kill screenKleptor FreezeKrauser's Knife
LEGO Racers 2 out of bounds(?)LEGO Star Wars IILM4
Land on a rock in sky pillarLegend Of Zelda Majora' s MaskLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game screen glitch!
Lego Racers- Get Out of Test GroundLoading Zone Storage (LZS)Luigi's Mansion 2 Spazzing Ghosts.
Luigi Raceway- Blue ShellLuigi Raceway- Over the wallMain Page
Mario the Flying Zombie!Mew GlitchMine trick
Minus World(-1)Missingno.Mortal Kombat
Myth: Double Trainer GlitchMyth: Ms. Pac Man Split Screen levelMyth: Pokemon Red and Blue: Mew underneath truck
Myth FormatMyth glichNew Super Mario Bros DS Floor Glitch
Not-so-solid Chomp RockOblivion - Duplication GlitchOld Ironforge
Opelucid gym glitchPac Man - Infamous Kill Screen BugPictoShake
PikabluPokemon Diamond & Pearl Beginning GlitchPokemon R,S,E Ledge glitch
Pokemon Red and Blue: Glitch CityPokemon Ruby/Sapphire: Berry GlitchPokemon diamond
Pokémon glitchesPoopQ (Glitch Pokemon)
Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD - Razor ClawsRed Screen of Death (PS2)Red ring of death
Relo ReloRematch with Koopa the Quick in 0 SecondsRetarded Mario
Retarted Mario DSReverse Long Jump(Super Mario 64)Roblox foot clip glitch
Runescape - Falador MassacreSOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALsSanta Clause
Screen ShakeSky Drop FailSkyrim - Wooden Plate Collision Clipping
Sly Cooper-Fall ForeverSmb freezeSnowman's cap hoard
SocialJigTwoPerson glitchSonic 2 Lost Level : Hidden Palace ZoneSonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Get in Emerald Coast with Tails
Sonic Heros: Mess up the Cut SceneSpyro: Year of the Dragon level shortcutsSpyro 2: Shady Oasis Glitch
Spyro 2 Summer Forest Swim In Air GlitchSpyro the Dragon: Invincibility bugSpyro the Dragon 2 and 3: Watery Prison
Spyro the Dragon glitchesStar Wars Battlefront 2Star wars battlefront 2
Street Fighter 3 : Third StrikeSuper Glitch (Pokémon)Super Mario Bros.: Jumping over the flag
Super Mario Bros.: Minus WorldSuper Mario Bros. glitchesSuper Mario Galaxy 2 - Infinite flutter jump
Super Mario Sunshine: Fall under the World GlitchSuper Mario Sunshine: Get Below CannonSuper Smash Bros Melee: Send Jigglypuff Flying
Supernova GlitchTLoS The Eternal Night Flying glitchThe Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Save at wrong side of bridge
The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cool GlitchThe Legend of Spyro A New Beginning Dante's Freezer Glitch: Longer FallsThe Simpsons Hit And Run: ram the sky glitch
The Simpsons Hit and Run: Most NPCs Plantworkers.The Simpsons Hit and Run: Out of SpringfieldThe legendary move glitch
Through the wall (Super Mario 64)Tomb Raider Anniversary : Natla Technologies RooftopTony Hawk's American Wasteland: Cancel a manual
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland: Get onto restricted area on Skate RanchTony Hawk's American Wasteland: Out of Bound at CasinoTony Hawk's American Wasteland: Outside of level in Downtown LA
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland: Restart on vertical wallTony Hawk's Underground: Glitch RoadTony Hawk's Underground: Wall Bounce
Tony Hawk's Underground 2:Leave level boundriesTony Hawk's Underground 2: Glitchy bowl in The TriangleTony Hawk's Underground 2: Not breaking glass in Training
Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Up the mountain in CanadaTony Hawk's Underground 2: Walk on WaterTony Hawk's glitches
ToontownTwilight Princess Deadly GlitchUnder the Castle Grounds
Unloaded level sector and other GlitchinessViva pinata hiddenWalk Through Walls
Walk like Normal Underwater in the Castle GroundsWall Jumping (World of Warcraft)Waluigi glitch
Weird luigiYold Shop GlitchZZAZZ glitch
Zombies Ate My Neighbors: NO MOAR MONSTERS glitchZoras domain out of bounds glitch
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