If Mario runs fast off of a platform then jumps onto the next one jumping instantly when he lands on that platform in World 6-4 as Mini Mario, he will grab a ledge and also he will run so fast that he will forget to let go of his climbing animation, and starts climbing in the air.

However a few seconds after that, he goes into the floor while still in his climbing animation. Then he clips into the wall, in the same layer of the floor. However if you let go of the climb button, he will be stuck in the wall.

Trivia Edit

  • To grab the ledge, you need to press the climb button when mini Mario is inside the ledge.
  • The reason that mini Mario decides to climb the air, is because you press the climb button and don't let go, even in the air you dont let go.
  • He runs so fast because you need to run on the platform you land on, including the one at the start of this glitch.
  • The reason that Mini Mario decides to climb the floor, could be because of the games coding or maybe because the DS was programmed to that when you press the climb button, you go through the blocks. It is unknown why.