Description Edit

This allows the PC to duplicate most items on the go with very little effort put into getting it done. This is usually done to sell high value items and to restock items easily.

How To Do It Edit

  1. Get two copies of the same spell type scroll
  2. Open your inventory and rapidly equip the scroll
  3. Drop the desired item and it will make two copies
  4. Repeat if desired

Prerequisites Edit

  • Two or more scrolls of same type
  • Fully repaired and recharged (If weapon or armor)
  • Calm low activity area or "CELL"

Damages That Can Occur Edit

  • If Indoors this can lag the game a lot if on Xbox 360 due to low RAM on system. PS3 can lag also but not as harshly due to game being loaded on RAM, Processor, And HDD Cache.
  • Can render interior "Cells" Unplayable if too much is made in that area