Old Ironforge, officially known as the Hall of Thanes, is a half programed, off limits area below the city of Ironforge in World of Warcraft.


Getting thereEdit

In order to reach Old Ironforge, you must first go to the High Seat area of Ironforge. There is a hidden door behind Deliana, who is on the side of the throne. This hidden door leads to a long hallway descending to Old Ironforge. You can also access the area by a few other means.


As stated above, behind the hidden door is a long hallway. Beyond this, Old Ironforge is basically a pool of lava with a stone pillar rising from the center. A small carpeted pathway connects the pillar and few other features. The walls are lined with purple crystals, at one end, there are also two closed doors. Be warned, though. If you are caught in the by a game master, you may recieve a warning. However, as you usually get away with it, and game masters are just trying to ruin your fun, don't be afraid.

Comparision to the area below StormwindEdit

Despite expectations, it is actually quite different from the area below Stormwind City. The area below Stormwind is desolate and featureless and never intended by the programmers, Old Ironforge has many features and may even be used in the next expansion. Also, Old Ironforge is not accessed through wall jumping.