What the glitch does[]

Allows you to fight without a pokemon, though you will lose the fight upon attempting to fight.

About the glitch[]

In the Pokemon series game Pokemon Diamond and Pearl( for the DS) a glitch can be accessed by using an Action Replay. If you do have one, try this glitch.

How to do it[]

First turn on the walk-through walls cheat (that's all you need really) and other glitches of your choice. First, start a new game and do all that boring beginning stuff.

Then after that go through the trees and go to the Sandgem town. (DO NOT GO TO THE LAKE OR THIS GLITCH WILL FAIL). Then go in the lab but talk to Dawn who's waiting outside.Then you talk to the Prof. and you do all this boring stuff then run far away and go to Flower Paradise.( You should know this place since you have an Action Replay) Then battle Shaymin. Right now you should have no pokemon on your team(since you didn't go to the lake) (By the way you should avoid all types of battles, wild or trainer) While battling Shaymin you will send out a Pokemon called "--------". It appears as a blocky black thing. Choose 'fight' on your pokemenu and it will say "-------" has no more moves to use, ------ fainted then you lose the battle.:( ( If you catch Shaymin "-------" will dissapear.