Everyone's heard of Glitch City... You haven't? Well, here you can learn about this weird and strange city that is created by a glitch! Let's move on...

What is Glitch City?[]

Glitch City is a result of a failed map load. This is how you do it:

  • Enter the Safari Zone building. Pay $500 to join the hunt. Walk inside.
  • Once you are inside the park, turn around and walk back outside. You will be asked if you wish to stop early. Say no, and return to the park.Repeat the process.

Once back inside the park, save your game. Turn the power off.

  • Turn the power back on. Walk back out of the Safari Zone. The man will not ask you if you're leaving early this time. Instead, he gives you the initial speech starting with, "Welcome to the Safari Zone!" Do not pay to return inside - instead, keep walking down past the man, and out the door.
  • At this point, you have about 500 steps to waste by walking around. Where you choose to waste these steps will determine which Glitch City you visit, if any. For the "Forgotten Cave" GC, use your 500 steps to Surf along Cinnabar's coast (not walking on the island at all), or Surfing between Cinnabar and Seafoam.

When your 500 steps run out, the PA will say, "Ding-dong! Your Safari Game is over!" You will be transported back to the Safari Zone entrance.

  • When you leave the Safari Zone entrance, you will find yourself in Glitch City. If you used your 500 steps in an area with a major building (such as the land portion of Cinnabar Island, or any of the major cities) then you will most likely end up exiting a building from that city when you leave Safari Zone. It's recommended that you use the 500 steps in one of the routes rather than a city - the Seafoam/Cinnabar coast seems to be the most interesting. - this is Glitch City. There are many forms of it. Which one you'll end up in depends on where you are when the PA will say "Ding-dong! Your Safari Game is over!"

  • Also if you spend your last of the 500 steps jumping over a ledge,you would be able to walk through walls

without a cheating device.Just don't try to exit the building! If you try to exit,the game realizes that you are out of bounds and crashes your game.

  • To avoid becoming irreversibly stuck in Glitch City, it is recommended that you take a Pokémon that can use Fly or Teleport, as doing so is the only reliable way to end the glitch.


GameFAQS and Neoseeker for all the info

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                             Happy glitchin'