Relo Relo is a glitch in the future game Jarod's Adventure.

How to catch him:

  1. Do "Greg's Bracelet" on hard
  2. Go to the garbage can and enter it
  3. Get out of the can, and do the quest
  4. Get the 2nd water shooter, then the first
  5. When you're in the boss room, the charizard is Missingno. 5 seconds later, the game will crash.
  6. After a minute, the game will crash if you move.
  7. If you turn it off, then on, it will be the same menu, but Missingno for letters. If hard is selected, it will freeze and crash, then it will stop working.
  8. Turn it off+then on=Game with glitches!
  9. Only way to stop: Defeat charizard on easy. It will repair.