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This glitch lets you rematch with Koopa the Quick in zero seconds. It's VERY difficult. In fact, it gets an 11 on a scale of one to 10. Go to Tiny-Huge Island, on Rematch with Koopa the Quick. Be sure to enter the huge island (the huge picture). Go to the slanted sandy area (with the koopa, the ball that shoots fire, the Lakitu, and the Fly Guy). Knock the koopa out of the shell, and kill him. DO NOT GET IN THE SHELL! Try to get the shell as close as possible to the cliff where KTQ is. Go up to Koopa the Quick, and do the same procedure as on the first glitch. Make your third jump (the one right next to KTQ) propel you off the cliff. Here is the tricky/impossible part. Your third jump has to land you RIGHT ON THE SHELL! You may need to dive to do this. This will take many frustrating tries. And, after that, there is another kinda hard part. Ride the shell up to the flag. It is ENDLESSLY frustrating if you mess up here! Frustrating enough to make you smash your game or controller into frag on the ground! (Well, maybe not. Right Kirby? <('.'<) So don't mess up. Once you get to the flag, press Z or smash into the flag. Note that the former is easier, and the latter may not even work. Boom. You've beaten KTQ in zero seconds again, and he's set up his usual forcefield. (0.o)

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This glitch was discovered by David Wonn.

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