in 2010 a user by the name of neonoob2340 found a glitch that made players get launched into the air at a starteling speed, its unexpected sudden annoying but really fun to pull off! so i recommend you try this out!

(note that you will need a computer that runs roblox at a speed that is around eh 30 fps. now go into a place thats destructible and isnt copylocked and try to do it

how to pull it off Edit

firstly you need to be in a place with 2,000 or more blocks the easiest way to tell this is the vertices icon divide the number by 8 and you got the number of blocks now if its possible knock a small block off the creation and start jumping on it if you keep on jumping on it your momentum will start to rise now your robloxian s feet sould be partially in the ground now making sure tat you dont jump try to get to the top of the highest point in the map and kablamo your robloxian should be in the ground now ragdoll and the screen should start shaking now jump and you will go flying seriously you can jump hundreds of times higher than a gravity coil and you can skip huge sctions of an obby there is a simular glitch with spawn platforms and thats if he spawn is placed on the platform your robloxian will go flying no one knows how this happens but it colud be something to do with your momentum and the higher the momentum the higher the jump also you lose control of your robloxian for a while but eventually you should be back in control now make sure that you dont do this on mobile as a simular gitch occours but intead of flying when you jump you bounce a little plus its fun to watch your freinds get angry as they try to figure out whats happening to them as they spawn this also leads to some places being impossible to complete

soon Andreanna91011 got flung off the spawn point