The Falador Massacre was a famous event caused by a glitch that happened in the MMORPG Runescape

Description Edit

A player called Cursed You was the first to reach 99 construction level, so he made a party in his player-owned house to celebrate his achievement. After a few hours, though, he got tired of it and decided to kick everyone out. Due to the glitch, some players that were in the dungeon got the ability to attack any player, anywhere in the game. Many players got this ability, but no one went so far abusing it as Durial321, he walked to Falador, the biggest city ingame, and started killing everyone he could see. The massacre went on for about an hour until the company was informed of the killings and quickly banned him.

Why it Worked Edit

During an interview, Durial321 said that he had died at the exact moment he got booted. That made the game engine get confused and still give him the option to attack other people.

Here is a link to a youtube vid of Durial321 killing people in Fallador

Trivia Edit

  • The fact that the glitch happened in 6/6/06 made many people believe it was proposital.
  • A player lost his green party hat (one of the most expensive items) during the massacre
  • Durial321 belonged to a player killing clan called 3v0luti0n X
  • It is impossible to reproduce the bug now, since player killing is area based.

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