The Sky Drop Fail is a glitch un Pokemon Black and White Versions.

What do I need to do this glitch?Edit

You will need:

  • A Pokemon that knows Sky Drop, like Lugia for instance
  • A Pokemon that knows Gravity, such as Porygon2
  • To be in at least a double battle

How to activate?Edit

(NOTE: The Pokemon in this example will be Luigia (Sky Drop user), Porygon2 (user of Gravity), and Pichu (unsuspecting target)). So, Lugia uses Sky Drop on Pichu. Going UP! Next, Porygon2 is going to use Gravity, which cancels Sky Drop, but...

What happens next? Is the glitch activated yet?Edit

The answer is YES! After Porygon2 used Gravity, Lugia could not stay in the air anymoar and is not semi-invulnrable, but by glitch, Pichu remains semi-invulnrable (although his sprite will reappear). The glitch ends when Pichu faints or is switched out. By the way Lugia, Porygon2, and Pichu are not the only Pokemon this glitch can be done with. Any Pokemon that can use Sky Drop, Gravity, or any target will do.

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