No matter what video game you are talking about, it has glitches. The PS2 games Sly Cooper and Sly 2 is no exception.

Sly CooperEdit

How to Do itEdit

  • First, go near the entrance of The Lair of the Beast, do NOT go through the holographic marker, go on a root, jump on it, then, quickly go to where here is some land, watch out for those spikes! Go all the way down while on land, then, turn left, double jump into the water, and the coolest thing happens is that you are walking in water! Go find the edge, and jump into the edge and you will never stop falling!

Sly 2: Band of ThievesEdit


Gameshark, if you have it.

How to Do itEdit

  • It is just easy, literally, just keep tapping X and you will be like you are flying up, and best of all, you can go anywhere. Note: When you ninja spire on anything and climb, get/jump off and keep on pressing X, land into the water, and you will sink through the water and keep on falling, and then, like I said, you can go anywhere. Note: This only works for Sly, also it works in episode(s):

1. The Black Chaetau

2. The Predator Awakes

3. Jailbreak

4. A Tangled Web

5. He Who Tames The Iron Horse

6. Menace in the North, eh?