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This is a glitch in Super Mario 64 DS. You can do this glitch with Mario, Luigi, or Wario. You go on the giant snowman thing's bridge, and get blown away. You then grab the box next to the ice maze, and run over to that snowman that throws snowballs at you. Throw the box, and your cap will fall to the ground, as expected. Pick it up, and repeat. But this time, there will be two caps instead of one. Each time you do this, the number will double. After you get blown off the sixth time, the game will be lagging a little. As you get closer to the snowball-throwing snowman, the game will be in slow motion. And when the box hits it. The frame rate will drastically drop, and the game freezes with the shadow of 32 caps around you. Apparently, the game can't handle this many objects at once. (0.o)

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No idea. :-P