The 3rd game in the Spyro series, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, has levels that can easily be finished by taking a shortcut. These shortcuts get Spyro right to the end of the level from the start, skipping a great amount of the level. These just show the level's desgin flaws.

The shortcuts Edit

Here are the levels that have the shortcuts:

Sunny Villa Edit

At the start of the level, go to where on your left you see a locked Sheila portal, then charge at the red roof (look this up on youtube, been on there 7 times and first usa player to go there!) After that, go to the place where you see a rhynoc chasing a citizen, then kill the big rhynoc. That's the shortcut. (BTW, ive never done this, i just "inveted" it)

Cloud Spires Edit

Move forward, and use the lift to reach the next platform. From here, face the cloud wall and glide to it. You may need a charge start up to get there. Now face the wall, and glide towards it. There is one section with a hidden portal. This will take you to... the sun mini-game. Odd. Now, go back and you will be at the end of the level.

Icy Peak Edit

From the start, go to the entrance to the cave and jump on the raised platform that is there to stop you from falling. From here, look towards the staircase type thing. Get a charging head start and glide for it. When you reach the top of the staircase, look out towards the balcony. Glide to it. End of level.

Haunted Tomb Edit

Go to the room that is below the Agent 9 minigame area. Press the switch to open the door, and stay right where the door went down. Now, jump high a few times to raise the door bit by bit. When it is high enough, you can glide to the platform with the guy that gives the riddle in the end.

Desert Ruin Edit

From where the locked chest is, jump on the hand. Now, turn around and jump on the wall. Go forward and jump to the end of the level.

Credits and Acknowledgements Edit

  • The creators of all the clips I saw on YouTube
  • Joe Blow on GameFAQS for his guide and help.

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