In the popular PSX classic game, Spyro the Dragon, there is a bug hat takes place if a few tricks are performed first. Here's how to get invincibility... the glitchy way :)

How to do the glitch Edit

First, go to a level that has a frozen dragon close to some enemies that can hit you backwards (Stone Hill is a good level ).

  • First get your health down to no sparx'. This means the next hit will kill you, which is what we want.
  • Go to the dragon and allow the desired enemy to hit you. If performed correctly, you'll fly backwards into the frozen dragon, activating it's release sequence.
  • You should have died, but you haven't. Now you have invincibility. You can't die, except for falling off heights to your doom. Enemies an't hurt you and water/lava/sludge can't hurt you.

Cool things to try out with this glitch Edit

You can go onto the water/lava/sludge and explore. Since you can't get hurt, you won't die! You'll only find out that there's a limit to where you can go. This is because the desginers probrably thought you'll never make it that far out to see. You'll hit an invisible boundary, forcing you to stay in a small area. :(

Side-effects Edit

Like taking medicine, glitches do have side effects. You'll get effects such as:

  • Portals becoming solid walls
  • Frozen on water

I'll find more when I explore this glitch more.

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

BabyYaga25 on YouTube for his viedoes that show how to do these glitches

Links Edit - a video by BabyYaga25 showing how to this glitch.