The following are a handful the glitches from the game Star Wars battlefront II.

Multi-colored DroidekaEdit

First, turn to 1st person view. Then, get 16 kills. Go to a command post, and turn to a droideka. Then super battle droid, then magna guard. Pause the game, turn back to 3rd person view, and switch to become a droideka. Now, you are a multi-colored droideka.

==Falling forever/ unlimited health and ammo pick mos eisley in free play. Choose the one where you get to be all jedi and sith. pick the jedi. be chubaca. go to the front of the ship. from the ground, keep jumping as high as you can onto the ship. still from the front. then when chubaca never stops falling, you respawn. go back to the same place and health and ammo will keep falling from chubaca.

Easy Republic Space winEdit

Go to Kashyyyk. Get in a ARC-170 fighter. Fly to the top of the bridge. You will see a faint rectangle. Dive in, and you will see the Shield generator, Engine cooling system, and life support system.

Enter Buildings in Mos EislyEdit

In the Mos Eisly assult game, play as yoda and it will be possible to jump through a few buildings.