• Ken throw glitch versus Makoto*

This glitch only works in the arcade version of the game.

In a Ken versus Makoto match, have the Ken win a round by using his neutral throw (the first kick of the throw should K.O. Makoto). If done correctly, one of these things will happen :

  • The game will crash and the arcade cabin will have to be restarted (if done in an emulator, the emulator will crash as well). This is the most common thing that happens.
  • Makoto will be stuck in a falling motion in mid-air, just above the ground (often happens when Makoto is grabbed in the corner). The game will look like it froze, but the "Ken Wins" text will appear after a few seconds and the game will resume.
  • Makoto will perform the last three moves of her Abare Tosanami super art, and then collapse.

In tournament play, if the Ken player wins a round or the set with a neutral throw, and thus, triggering this glitch, he or she will be disqualified in most arcade tournaments.