What is Super Glitch? Edit

Super Glitch is a term given to a number of moves, effects, and Pokémon, all causing similar effects to each other. Super Glitch will often cause harmful effects and sometimes irreparable damage to the game's save file, or even the game, cartridge, or even the system itself.

Games: Pokémon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow (Japan), Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

TM-TRAINER Effect Edit

The TM-TRAINER effect, or Super Glitch State, is a game state where the game becomes very unstable, temporarily causing predictable events before pulling countless random assets, inevitably leading to a crash. It always begins with the music fading to silence, and the opposing Pokémon's HP will grow to a ridiculous amount. If you try to knock out the opposing Pokémon, its HP bar will wrap around the screen and refill itself when it reaches 0, making it virtually invulnerable.

Variations of Super Glitch Edit

Variation A7

Type: Glitch Power: 45 Accuracy: 33% PP: 8

Effect: Same as Leech Life and Drain moves. Causes Super Glitch.