In the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it is possible to send Jigglypuff shooting into the air at otherwise impossible speeds. This is actually one of the easiest glitches to do, but is actually not a glitch.

How ToEdit

The first and only hard part is to earn Jigglypuff. This can be done by completing Adventure Mode once. Then, as Jigglypuff, go to any stage and hold shield (R button) down and wait for the shield to burst. If done correctly (I cannot imagine a way to do it incorrectly.) Jigglypuff will be sent flying.

What Happens NextEdit

Depending on where you are when you do the glitch, one of three things will happen.

  • If there is no wall above Jigglypuff, she (I do not know why, but everyone calls Jigglypuff a "She") will leave the screen immediantly and die. Simple as that.
  • If there is a wall above Jigglypuff, she will slam into the wall, appearing to be hanging from the ceiling from her feet. Jigglypuff will begin to spin and after a few rotations, slowly fall to the ground. She will then begin the ordinary post shield burst animation.
  • If this is done in the home run contest area, Jigglypuff will shoot up as with the first case, but not die. Instead, you will see her shadow slowly leave the screen. Near the end of the ten second contest, if you did the glitch early enough, you may see Jigglypuff's shadow return to view, giving one an idea of how truely high the glitch takes Jigglypuff.

Why it WorksEdit

This glitch is so easy that it is most likely a simple yet stupid oversight in the programming.

This is not a glitch. This is an intended feature within the game.