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Description Edit

This glitch can only be accessed by hacking Super Smash Bros Melee with an Action Replay device. First, enter the debug code (coming soon). Turn on Type Developer (or develop, whichever it is), and turn the item switch to Very Low. Then, use any character with good combo attacks. Be SURE to set the level to Test! Otherwise, this will freeze the game! Start the level as usual (NOTE: This glitch is easier if you set SCALE to 3.00!), and use L+control pad up, and hold until you get to Heiho (or something like that), then, press down a ton of times. Fly Guys should flood the screen above you. Some will fly away, but others will stay still! This is your chance! Use a combo move right at a huge cluster of them! Sparks will start flying everywhere, and your character will be frozen in place.

Use as Attack Edit

This glitch can be used as an attack. This works best with Samus's Up+A move (the flamethrower). If a person is in range of the move, (easier if scale is at 3.00 or higher) they will be frozen within, and their damage will shoot up to 999% almost instantly!

Cool Supernovas Edit

There are certain supernovas that are a lot cooler than others. Some of these are unstoppable! For one, Samus's Up+A looks really cool. This and most others can be ended with any attack. Another really cool one is throwing an egg in with Yoshi. No one will be frozen in the Supernova, yet it will still be there. And it will be 100% UNSTOPPABLE! Another unstoppable supernova is Yoshi's ground pound. And, Samus's Screw attack is practically unstoppable, if not unstoppable.

Building an Ubernova Edit


Credit Edit

This glitch was discovered by Uberninja1337 (and his brother...)