Hello! you might not know this glitch, because i found out myself. maybe you know it, but it's a pokemon black and white glitch. and also my first page on this wiki. i also call this glitch the Kyurem sprite swap glitch.

You Will Need:Edit

-Kyurem (Lv. 80 is recommended)

-Pokemon White Version (It's Not Tested On Black)

-A Japense Trade Partner Who Got N's Zorua (Evolved Into Zoroark) It Must Be Named ゾロアーク So Your Trade Partner Actually did'nt name it.

-A Pokemon party of 6 Pokemon

-All the Zoroark's moves HAS to be dark-type moves.

-Nintendo DSI system

-A Rotom

-A Sigilyph (First in your party.)

How To Do.Edit

  1. Trade Rotom for Zoroark.
  2. Challenge any trainer
  3. Make the foe faint Sigilyph
  4. Choose Zoroark (Or ゾロアーク, To be precise.)
  5. It would be saying Go! ゾロアーク! But, instead Kyurem will come out. it would be exactly the same, EXEPT:Kyuark will have the same level, and the same stats.
  6. Enjoy.