Before I tell you about this glitch, listen: this glitch is not good for people who like scoring points for High Scores. If you don't care, then please proceed.

The basics of the glitch Edit

The Manual Cancel is a glitch that happens when you do a wall push just after you do a manual so that you'll be doing a manual yet not scoring any points. Here's how to do it:

  • Go into ANY level that has a flat plain wall.
  • Skate and jump at the wall in a straight line and land in a manual. Before the balance meter shows up, press the grind button to do a wallpush.
  • You'll push against the wall, going the opposite direction you approached it at. You should be manualing with no balance meter, no trick name and no points earned for doing the trick. You can keep manualing gaining NO points!

What is a manual? Edit

A manual is a skateboarding trick. The skater must skate on two wheels on either side of the board, either with both the front wheels or with both the back wheels.

To do a manual, jump and press up,down or down,up before you land the jump. The up,down means you press up then down, not together. You can land in a manual if done correctly. Manuals are used for combos and High Scores as manuals allow you to travel whilst in a combo.

Manuals are controlled by a balance meter. If you let the meter reach the top or bottom of the bar, you will exit out of the manual. By canceling the manual using this glitch, you cannot bail. No balance meter = no balancing = infinite glitch!

Pros and consEdit

Pros Edit

  • Infinite manual ( not sure if infinte, needs to be tested.

Cons Edit

  • No points are gained for doing the glitch, which would serve you right for trying to exploit an infinite manual glitch.

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

  • Myself for discovering it by accident.
  • True discoverer anonymous.

Links Edit

                            Happy glitchin' :)