In the area Skate Ranch, the restricted area is the green hill that surrounds the playing field. If you land on it normally, you will restart somewhere back in the playinf field, preventing you from getting onto the hills. Well, here's a way to not only prevent youself from being sent back but also to explore the hills.

The Idea Edit

In order to start the glitch, first unlock level Skate Ranch in Story mode. Once that's done, we can continue.

  • First, get your skater onto the hills. When the camera starts moving towards the playing field, PAUSE!
  • Now, go to options and select SET RESTART . Now unpause the game.
  • You should now be in the playing field again. Pause the game, go to options and select the GOTO RESTART option.
  • If the glitch was executed properly, you should be on the hills. Now explore!

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

  • Discovered by tonyhawkdaman on GameFAQS ( well, he was the first to report it there. )

Links Edit

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