There's this glitch that envolves the fan that lifts you up high, and the building right next to the waterfall.

Description Edit

First, you need the Moon gravity Cheat. Once you do that, get to the casino by the slide on the highest floor. Then Go off the ramp. Make Sure you go toward the left-most building, You go Right Throught it. One of 4 things happen. 1.If you don't get off the board, and keep going straight, you get out of bounds. 2.If you DO get off the board at the right time and go straight, you can walk within the grass BEHIND the building. 3.You can also land at this yellow place where you can 1. Just get back to the casino part, of 2. get trapped with no where to go. But, if you wallwalk on the invisible wall, you can get to a 4. orange part where you see only half you're body. You happen to be inside the store once you get out. Also, in the Yellow part in freeplay, if you look in the right place, you see Iggy's group, in Freeplay!

Credit Edit

I just found it one day and BAM!!! it hit me, literraly.