This is a random glitch found in Downtown LA for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. It is hard to do, but it is a random occurence.

What is the glitch? Edit

The glitch is that if you go on top of the Salsa building which is near the bus in Downtown LA, you'll find a pool and a fence which seperates the outside world and the playing field. By climbing up the fence rapidly, you can trick the game into believing you're only jumping over a small object, and so, you leap through the fence!

From here, the wall to your left is non-solid. Walk through it and you should drop through the floor. All around you now is blue because you're now outside the level. You won't ever stop falling now since there's nothing to fall on from here.

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

  • tonyhawkdaman on GameFAQS for telling everyone about it.

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