This is a very simple glitch that is not only easy to do but is pretty cool. There's no good thing about it and it's quite stupid, but since it's a glitch I can discuss about, I planted it here.

How to do the glitch Edit

  • First go into a level that has a 180-degree vertical wall with a flat-back ramp against it. An example is the wall by the bus in East LA, the wall that has the 3 bars attached to it that allows you to lip on them.
  • Go up the ramp without holding the ollie button. You should be riding up the wall before returning back due to gravity. Pause while go up the wall.
  • Choose " set restart " in the options menu and exit the pause menu. Allow yourself to fall back down onto the ramp and skate away.
  • At anytime in this level, choose " go to restart " in the options menu. You should return to the wall while travelling up it. But you'll fall back down due to gravity.

So, this glitch is useless?? Edit

Well, yeah. It is a glitch because you're not allowed to set restarts when not on the ground or in a manual or bert slide. Since you're not on the ground when you do the glitch, it earns its " glitch " status. Many can argue that the wall serves as a floor, but still...

What levels can I do this glitch on? Edit

So far, I have only found these levels:

  • East LA
  • Skate Ranch

More will come in future updates when new areas are found.

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

  • I have discovered this by myself without looking it up myself. After finding it mentioned on GameFAQS, I have discovered that the true person to credit is tonyhawkdaman.

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