The Tony Hawks skateboarding sport series is known for its glitches and here is just one of them. The mechanics of the game do not allow you on water or in water, so as soon as you touch it, you're restarted somewhere else in the level. With this glitch, you can water on water due to a trick with the Set Restart option.

What do I need to do to exploit this glitch? Edit

  • YOu need to unlock the correct stage. You can easily do this on the first level, Boston, because it is already unlocked at the start of the game.
  • You can use any character for this glitch, wether they are normal, unlockable or created.
  • You need fast reflexes otherwise you're going to spend alot of time trying... believe me, it took long enough for me to do it my first time :(

Go into the correct level with any character. Now go to where there is water.

  • In Boston, go to where the Boston Tea Party ship is and spine transfer aboard. Go onto the right-hand sided of the ship, walking off the plank bit at the end.
  • In Barcelona, go towards the bride that connects the parts of the level. Skate up to the bride but jump towards the water.

When falling, quickly pause just before you hit the water and hit the Set Restart option. If performed correctly, you should now be standing on the water. Now go exploring! You can find out the ships you see in the background are no more than non-solid graphics.

Staying on the water Edit

DO NOT JUMP! Jumping negates the glitch because in the air, the game detects water underneath you and will send you back onto the mainland once you hit the water. Just try and keep your fingers and anything else away from the jump button and you should be fine...

Credits and acknowledgements Edit

  • Google for helping me find the glitch
  • Thug X Online for showing me how to so the glitch.

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